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Tomb Runner

Explore the Tomb Runner game

Tomb Runner is an extremely exciting adventure game that combines overcoming obstacles. Thrilling and new roads will be the door for you to conquer this game.

The game was launched in 2014, and since its launch until now, the game has still maintained the best position in the hearts of the audience. The game is available on most online stores such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Microsoft Store you can download or you can play the game online at Battleship Game.

Running and obstacles

Participating in the game, you will play the role of an explorer running and overcoming a series of obstacles to explore this mysterious land. The structures are designed to float high above and below are deep bottomless valleys. In fact, this place is scary but it contains a huge treasure. To be able to unearth all the treasures here, you need to run non-stop and overcome many obstacles in a row. The running process will take place automatically, so you need to navigate the character accurately and have quick reflexes to find a safe path.

One challenge that you should not be subjective about is the obstacles on the way. These obstacles can be very easy to overcome, but when they are placed close together they will cause many obstacles for you. To get used to this, you need to train yourself to skillfully jump, bend, right, and left. The further you go, the more dangerous obstacles you will encounter that are difficult for you to avoid, such as waterfalls and iron sawtooth pillars. If you practice this game regularly, your obstacle overcoming skills will definitely improve a lot.

Collect them all

Along the way there are many things you can collect, all of them are very useful to you whether temporarily or long term. You can collect items that appear along the way: blue shield, magnet and double speed. These items will give you temporary power to overcome obstacles more easily. For example, magnets can attract diamonds, green shields help you become invisible, and double speed helps you increase your maximum speed. One collectible that cannot be missed is diamond collecting. Diamonds appear the most on all the roads you move, try to collect them all to upgrade your character. With long-term accumulation, you can open special and extremely impressive outfits.

Great features included in the game

The Tomb Runner game becomes attractive to players not only because of its addictive gameplay but also thanks to its great features that contribute to the success of this game.

Outstanding graphics: The game has beautiful 2D graphics, mysterious structures make this game attractive. All angles clearly show the majesty and thrill of falling off the track or colliding with obstacles.

Attractive sound: The game uses simple background music and realistic sound effects when moving. Sound can be easily turned on and off in the settings to bring the most comfort to the player.

Simple gameplay and easy to control: You just need to use the arrow keys or WASD keys to direct the character's movements. There are no confusing rules present in the game making it accessible to a wide range of ages.

Tomb Runner Unblocked

Now you can play Tomb Runner unblocked anywhere, anytime you want. As long as you have a stable connection, you can easily play the game without getting bored. You can share this game with your friends so you can explore this interesting game together. Don't forget to record wonderful moments when you participate in the game. You can post these recordings on social networking sites to see how people react to the way you play. This is also quite interesting. Have fun!