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Introduction to is an endlessly entertaining game where you will go on a noble mission. The ducklings are lost in the river, please bring them back to their nest.

The game is set on a large river where many duck couples live and you will be the father duck looking for ducklings to bring back to the nest where the mother duck is waiting. What will the search for ducklings be like? Please join the game to experience it now!

Acquiring ducklings

The ducklings are in many different locations on the river. Use the mouse to navigate the father duck to the ducklings' locations. When the father duck arrives, the ducklings will follow the father duck back to the nest location. Control the father duck to collect as many ducklings as possible before returning to the nest. Try to maintain a formation of ducklings so that when they return to the nest, they are not missing.

Obstacles should be avoided

On the way to collect ducklings you will see very large ships and some residents rowing boats so stay away from them all. If the father duck collides with obstacles, the father duck will lose his life. But the ducklings, will not have any problems even if they collide with boats. After such collisions, try to maintain the same formation so as not to lose the ducklings in the flow of water. Obstacles will appear suddenly, so you need to observe carefully while moving to avoid collisions.

Interesting upgrades

The duck family's nest will be upgraded when the father duck brings the required number of ducklings on the left corner of the game screen. The nest will gradually be raised above the water and expanded to accommodate more ducklings. Try to upgrade your nest to become the largest nest on this lake!

In addition to the upgraded duck family's nest, the father duck will also receive extremely adorable hats. The constantly changing hats prove the father duck's relentless perseverance.

Outstanding features of the game

Participating in the game you can see the game is designed in 3D. With simple details, set on a small lake, the game's graphics still make a strong impression on users with their bright, easy-to-observe colors. In addition, the game also allows players to continue playing after losing their lives due to collisions. So you will not be disappointed but instead excited to continue building and developing a nest for your duck family. Moreover, the game is very easy to control and user-friendly so it is suitable for all ages. Introducing to you the game with the same theme Stabfish 2. Hopefully the game will bring you fun gaming moments!