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Fisherman Life

Introducing the game Fisherman Life

Fisherman Life is an addictive 3D fishing game. Look for places with lots of fish and embark on your fishing journey. Catching more fish will enhance your life.

At the beginning of the game, you will be provided with a boat to sit on and fish. Your task now is to control the boat to areas with fish to start fishing. When boating, you will see a circle appear, try to let the fish move in that circle so you can catch them more easily. You should pay attention to each type of fish, for example, redfish will be the easiest to catch, followed by yellowfish, redfish, and other types of fish. If you do not upgrade your boat and strength, it will be difficult for you to catch special fish. Don't let stubborn fish waste your time, look for fish that are easier to catch. When you have enough strength, you will definitely be able to catch those stubborn fish. If you are interested in fishing games, you can join the similar fishing game Tiny Fishing to have more new experiences.

How to control the fishing boat: To control the fishing boat, use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move the fishing boat.

Many new expansion options

After filling the boat with fish, return to a location near the mainland to convert the fish you caught into coins. Each type of fish will have a different way of calculating coins. Use these coins to expand your territory, add more people to fish with you, and more auto-fishers.

In addition to human and territory expansions, you can use coins to upgrade your boat to a larger one that can hold more fish. Furthermore, you can also move your fishing boat to the settings for more great upgrades. The first upgrade is a power upgrade, the higher the level, the stronger the power will be. The second is to upgrade the fish boat, the higher the level, the more capacity it will have. Third is upgrading the fishing area. The higher the level, the more your fishing area will be expanded and you can fish more easily. Finally, the moving speed of the fishing boat, the higher the level, the faster the speed will help you save time when bringing back fish and going to areas with fish.