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Stabfish 2

Introduction to Stabfish 2

Stabfish 2 is a dramatic ocean survival game. Control your shark to destroy other fish to become strong. You will master the sea and other fish will be afraid.

Coming to the game, you will be immersed in the ocean world, where you will witness new fish species and participate in the battle for survival under the sea. Your task is to control the fish you own to fight with other fish to develop and evolve into more special fish species. To do that, focus on building hunting tactics, defense and attack.

Hunting tactics

The game has many real players participating, so to continue to survive and fight you need to have a reasonable strategy to hunt other fish. Other fish may have a large body, or they may be equal to you or smaller than you. So you need a long-term development strategy. Target fish that are the same size or smaller than you, you can kill them more easily. Use the tip of your sword to stab the fish's body to kill other fish quickly. After killing a number of small fish, your fish's body will gradually grow larger, then you will target larger fish. Try to find gaps and loopholes in these large fish to quickly attack. When your sword tip is filled with fish, rush towards the rocks to remove them to continue destroying other targets.

Defense and attack

You should learn how to defend and attack to help your fish survive longer. You are always the target of other aggressive fish, so while moving to approach other fish you need to observe the surrounding fish. All fish can rush in and attack you at any time so don't be subjective about this. Along with defense, you also need to be strong to proactively attack other fish. Try to choose the right time and use your strategy to attack other fish. Attacking continuously and strategically will help you grow quickly and score a lot of points.

How to play online

You can participate in the game on your phone or web browser on your computer. On the computer, use the mouse to move the fish. On the phone, use your hand to swipe on the screen to move the fish.

Stabfish 2 tips and tricks

Agility is a great tip that you can apply in this game. Direct the fish's sword to move quickly, then find a suitable position to decisively attack another fish. Or you can spin your fish quickly to protect the fish's body and then watch your opponent find the right time to attack.

How to change fish in stabfish 2?

During the battle, when you destroy many opponents, your score will increase and you will be able to evolve into a fish with a completely different shape. The more opponents you destroy, the more opportunities you will have to upgrade to more special fish species. These upgrades make your fish stronger and have special abilities. For example, when you reach a high level, your child can use fire to destroy opponents or use shark jaws to attack widely. In addition, by exchanging fish, you will also be able to exchange weapons to fight, all of which will become stronger and more dangerous than ever. Unlock all the fish in the game to have many new great experiences. Introducing to you the attractive strategy game Battleship Game, hoping this game will also bring you fun gaming moments.