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About to BattleTabs

BattleTabs is a strategic artillery game with beautiful 3D graphics. Coming to the game, you will have to command your army to destroy the entire enemy army.

Battles at sea are always an endless topic for game manufacturers to create masterpieces and BattleTabs is a typical game among them. If you have ever participated in the game Battleship Game, the gameplay in this game is almost the same. Let's find out what outstanding features the BattleTabs game attracts players to.

Arrange naval formation

In the game, you will own an army consisting of soldiers and typical mascots. The soldiers will be divided according to combat boats, there will be 1 soldier on 1 boat, 2 soldiers on 1 boat, and 1 soldier on a raft. In addition, you will own a water dragon with extremely strong fighting ability. Your task now is to arrange the boats that the soldiers own and the dragon into your strategic positions. Try to arrange it so that it is as difficult as possible for your opponent's troops to perceive your position. For main forces such as dragons, you need to have a battle plan and arrange them in a safe position to be ready to defend and attack. Locations at the edge of the battle area are often difficult to reach, so you should consider placing your boat, raft, or dragon in these locations.

How to play

Use your mouse to arrange your army. Then click on the cards to choose a boat, soldier or mascot to fight. Next click on the square where you want to drop the bomb.

The strength of the army

Each ship will have its own unique powers, so you need to know each type of power clearly to apply it properly during combat. The first is a boat with 1 driver, this boat can fire 2 bombs at the same time and in 2 different positions. You can use this feature to destroy targets faster. It's best to find a target hit in one square and then shoot consecutively in adjacent squares. Next is the 2-man boat, this boat can fire 3 bombs at the same time and can fire in 3 adjacent positions. Next is the raft controlled by a warrior, this raft can be shot in 4 consecutive positions. Finally, the dragon can shoot 4 bombs in different locations on the game area.

Your army can become even more powerful as you unlock new ships, new soldiers and new mascots. Be the one to win each round to be able to add strength to your naval army and become invincible in all matches.

Confront other armies directly

The game allows you to compete with other players around the world. Before entering the match, the game will find any friend to compete with you online. These players may have powerful armies but may also be a new player. Join them in battle to learn more interesting skills and battles. Each battle will open up new things for you, helping you gain more fighting spirit to be able to own powerful armies like them or maybe more. So don't be afraid to collide and show off your commanding ability to defeat all other armies.

Discover new things in the game

In this game you will see interesting features that few games have. Let's see what those features are!

Review the game

In the game, when you and your opponent have completed the match, you can review the match process. The game has recorded the competition process in detail so you can review the competition process clearly. When you watch it again, you will learn some new lessons from your opponents and gain experience for future matches.

Diverse fighting environment

When participating in each match, you will see many innovations in the competition environment on the water. Typical weather patterns such as summer and winter are clearly depicted. In addition, the battle area will also be changed, giving you many new and more interesting experiences.

Unlock ships and battle mascots

Through the rounds of competition you will receive a lot of gold coins, this amount of money as it grows will create many changes for you. Specifically, you can use this money to unlock new ships like submarines, pirate ships,... and some animals like lobsters. These new upgrades will help you develop your army to a new level, strong enough to defeat all opponents.

Unlock characters

There are many new characters in the game that you can buy with the money you have. Natf characters will have diverse changes in hats, clothes, skin, and hair. Choose and own any character you like to enhance your army's position.