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Tiny Fishing

Introducing the game Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing is an extremely entertaining game. Play the role of a fisherman and catch as many fish as possible to explore this wonderful world in the ocean.

How to fish

In the game, you will perform consecutive hook drops to harvest fish in the sea. When you start participating in the game, you will be equipped with a fishing rod, fishing line, and hook. The fishing line and hook will have their own limitations, for example, the initial fishing line will be 1m and the initial hook will hook 3 fish. To make the fishing line longer and the hook more fish, you need to accumulate money to unlock and upgrade them. Unlike fishing in real life, fishing in the game is extremely simple and engaging.

Intuitive control of the game on a computer, phone, or tablet is also very simple. You just need to use the mouse to move the hook to where the fish is swimming to collect fish. Click on the suggestions to buy increased fishing line length, increase the number of fish per catch, and open other suggestions.

Fishing skills

Do you want to collect a lot of coins after each fishing session? You can do it if you train yourself with great fishing skills. You need to know the skill of selecting fish, this skill is very important so you can increase your bonus after each fishing session. In the vast ocean there are many types of fish, some are very valuable but there are also low-value fish. The valuable fish in this game are usually large fish, goldfish, and especially these fish often live deep in the ocean. So when dropping the fishing line from above, observe carefully and control the hook to the position of valuable fish to register all 3 goldfish and win a large amount of money. In addition, treasures will appear at the bottom of the ocean that may contain valuable things, try to collect them to create new miracles. If you love games related to the ocean or fish, you can participate in Battleship Game or Stabfish 2.

During the fishing process, you also need to move the hook skillfully to avoid collecting fish of low value. Because your hook limits the number of fish, if you collect too many low-value fish you will not be able to collect more high-value fish. The more you fish, the more your fishing skills will improve and you can discover more new things in this game.

Can't miss upgrades in Tiny Fishing

The first is to upgrade the fishing line. After each fishing session, you will earn a significant amount of money. If that amount is enough for you to upgrade your fishing line, you will see the fishing line box light up. Clicking on it will add the length of the fishing line. The longer the rope, the more likely you are to reach new depths of the ocean and collect many rare and valuable fish.

Next is to unlock the hook. In the game there are many types of fish hooks with extremely vivid shapes. Use the coins you collect to unlock a series of new hooks!

Finally, collect fish in your own tank to make money. You will have a separate fish tank, this tank will have different types of fish. But each type has only one representative fish. Every time you catch a new type of fish, you will collect a new type of fish. These fish will make you money for a specific period of time. Your task is to collect money regularly to increase your time to make money.

In addition, in the game you will be able to open extremely special gifts. Wait to see what that gift is!