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Sea Battleship

Introducing the game Sea Battleship

Sea Battleship is an extremely attractive strategy game designed on paper. Choose from single-player or two-player mode and start fighting now!

If you have played sea battle games designed with beautiful graphics, then in this Sea Battleship game you will get acquainted with the simple but no less addictive design. With graphics designed in the form of drawings on paper, it will make you interested in the game at first sight. Let's find out what special features the game has compared to Battleship Game!

Rules for playing Sea Battleship

Before entering the game, you need to clearly understand the rules of the game so you can make appropriate moves. Place the ships in locations that you consider difficult to detect. Don't put the ships too close together because opponents can easily track ships located nearby. In battle, you will shoot first. If you hit your opponent's ship, you will be given the right to shoot again. Shoot until you can no longer hit your opponent's ship, then pass the shot to your opponent. Continuing like this, whoever shoots down all of the enemy's hidden ships will win.

Game mode options

One of the features that makes the game Sea Battleship so attractive to players is that you can participate in two game modes. In 1-player mode you will participate in battles with AI, these battles will be a solid foundation before you switch to 2-player mode. For 2-player mode you will join with friends on the same computer. Both will take turns placing warships on the board, ensuring that they do not know each other's ship placement strategy. After the setup is complete, two players enter the game and start fighting. Whoever takes down all of the opposing team's warships will win.


Sea Battleship is one of the best in sea battle games. The game brings players unforgettable and extremely exciting moments. No matter where you are, you can play this game, because it runs on all available browsers on tablets, phones, computers. The game will definitely be a great choice if you want to play solo or have fun with friends or family members. Believe me, the game will definitely not disappoint you.