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Clash Of Navies

About to Clash Of Navies

Clash Of Navies is a sea battle game of modern ships. Command the warships you control into position for battle. Shoot all enemy ships to win.

Coming to the game, you will control 3 main ships and many different combat ships. Your mission is to command the ships to fight in turn to protect the 3 main ships. If your 3 main ships are destroyed you will lose, otherwise if you shoot down 3 of your opponent's main ships you will win.

Like the game TRZ Battleship, to command the best, you need to know the names of the ships and their strengths. Each ship will be numbered according to its strength. For example, the Swordship warship is the most powerful ship equivalent to number 1, the ship's power is insignificant, and most use this ship for defense. The largest warship is warship number 12 Leviathan, this ship has great destructive power and can destroy the largest main ship of the opposing team. All of these ships will be opened one by one and you will be able to use them according to your own strategy.

How to command a warship

To send warships to the sea to fight, use the mouse to drag the suggested warships. Ready warships are glowing warships. Try to choose suitable warships to fight your opponent's warships, don't choose ships that are not equal because they will be destroyed immediately.