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Rocket Bot Royale

Introducing the game Rocket Bot Royale

Rocket Bot Royale is an extremely fun and equally attractive tank shooting game. Drive your tank into areas with opponents and shoot them all down.

Coming to the game, you will participate in dramatic artillery shelling by tanks. The game will have many players participating and they are the opponents that you need to destroy. Drive your tank to many different locations on the map to find opponents and collect coins. When an opponent appears, aim at his exact position and start shooting. When you defeat your opponent, you will collect a lot of gold coins. Join the game now to see how many tanks you can shoot down. For more options on shooting topics, you can join the 1v1.LOL game here.

When participating in the game, one piece of advice for you is to try out all the different strategies and styles of play. This will help you gain more experience in big matches later. In particular, you should experiment with all the weapons in the game, different moves, and strategies to find the playing style that you feel most comfortable and effective with. Try to flexibly adapt your strategy to different situations on the battlefield. For example, in cases where you are surrounded by a few other tanks and they are aiming at you, try to find a way out to quickly move or jump to another location. Don't attack too hard because your tank's stamina is limited.

How to control a tank

Entering the game, you will continuously move the tank to attack and defend. To do this well, you need to practice the following playing keys:

  • To move the tank left or right, use the A/D key or use the arrow keys left or right.
  • To shoot, left click
  • To let the tank fly high, aim the cannon at the ground and shoot
  • To change weapons, use the Tab key