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Pick a Lock

Introducing the game Pick a Lock

Pick a Lock is a relaxing game that requires your agility to unlock locks. The game will have many levels to let you show off your unlocking speed.

How to play the Pick a Lock game

If you have ever played click games, this game will have a similar way of playing, not clicking to increase something but clicking to hit a ball. Appearing on the playing screen at this time will be a lock, the lock body is a circle with a ball and a red line. Your task is to click so that the red line touches the ball and the lock will be opened. The gameplay of this game is not complicated, you just need to have quick reflexes at the speed of moving the line bar. If you click too fast or too slow, the line won't touch the ball and you will have to play that level again.

Challenges in each level of play

The game challenges the player's patience through levels of increasing difficulty. The playing levels will be printed on the key when you play. If you play at the first level, the red ball and line will appear once. When you reach level 2, the ball and line will appear twice and continuously. The higher the level, the more times you have to click. You will definitely have to be very patient because the higher the level, the more likely you will have to replay the game many times. This is what creates a challenge for those who are passionate about conquering. Don't give up and be the first to complete all the levels in this game!

Where can you play Pick a Lock?

The game Pick a Lock has quite simple graphics, so the game download process is very fast and you can play directly on browsers available on computers, phones, tablets... During stressful times straight, tired you can access the game and start having fun. Surely by playing the game you will regain a comfortable spirit to continue studying and working. Share this game with your friends and see who can play the most levels! Hope you will have wonderful relaxing moments when playing this game. If you want to change the topic, I think the game Sea Battleship will be a great suggestion for you to join with your friends.