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Capybara Clicker

Introducing the game Capybara Clicker

Welcome to the exciting clicking game Capybara Clicker. Join the game and create countless golden capybaras to unlock more exciting upgrades.

Developing the number of capybaras

Participating in the game, you will have to continuously click to grow the number of capybaras. Each time you click you will create 1 capybara, click continuously until the energy column reaches the peak point, your click will be counted twice. Maintaining such a state of continuous clicking for a period of time will increase the number of capybaras significantly. Once the number of capybaras has reached a certain number, the game will allow you to unlock items corresponding to the number of capybaras you have created. When you open the items, you will be supported by clicking automatically. The clicking process combined with the automatic clicking process will help increase the number of mice rapidly. All serve the ultimate purpose of helping you relax, relieve stress and open all the items in this game.

Mysterious items

Hidden behind each question mark in the game are extremely valuable items that you will discover. Let's explore what those items are. First, clicks will automatically open this item. You can automatically create mice. Each item click will create a different number of mice. Next you will unlock hamster caretakers, and various types of equipment to help enhance the development of capybaras. Finally when the number of capybaras reaches the maximum number of 1,000,000,000,000,000 you will unlock planets and an endless space. All the items you unlock have in common that they will help you click automatically to create a huge number of capybaras. Then use this amount to exchange for items, performing a continuous exchange process that will bring you many interesting surprises about this game.

In addition to in-game items, you can also upgrade your mouse with extremely adorable hats. Besides, you can add more liveliness to the game by creating interesting weather types such as sunny, rainy, night sky, snowfall, windmills.

Simple clicker game

The game has simple gameplay so it is accessible to many players, whether they are new to the game or simply like to play regular games. Simple game mechanics make it easy for anyone to learn and play without having to spend a lot of time learning. Furthermore, the game uses simple controls, such as clicking or tapping, that are intuitive and familiar to most players. This helps players not be stressed by overwhelming knowledge when playing the game.

Clicker games, like Capybara Clicker or Merge Fruit, often emphasize relaxing and leisurely gameplay. They provide a calming experience where players can enjoy the game at their own pace without feeling rushed or stressed. The simplicity of the gameplay matches the relaxing nature of the clicker game.