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Fish Eat Getting Big

Introducing the game Fish Eat Getting Big

Fish Eat Getting Big is an exciting survival game that requires the ability to adapt to the body as it grows. The game will bring you dramatic hunts.

The development process from small fish to big fish

You will start the game with a small fish and your goal is to eat younger fish to grow. So how do we know the age of these fish? That's right, look at the numbers that appear on each fish's head. As you eat more fish with lower numbers on their heads than you, you will grow bigger. Throughout the gameplay, you will witness your own evolution. Keep growing relentlessly to become the largest fish in the ocean. Games about fish are always interesting topics, don't forget to join the game with the theme Tiny Fishing shared here!

Dangers to avoid

To increase the drama, the game has introduced potentially dangerous elements to increase the difficulty of the game. Among the many fish in the sea at this time, there will be fish that are older than you. If you collide with these fish, you will be the one to be eaten. There will be fish that will simply swim past you naturally without the intention of attacking, but there will also be fish that aim at you within close range so that it attack you. So be careful and avoid fish that are older than you. And yet, during the journey, you will occasionally encounter the pursuit of a vicious shark. It will chase you until it disappears. So don't fall into this shark's sharp jaws. Finally, you need to avoid the disorienting bombs, if you touch them you will be blown up immediately.

Join the game with friends

One of the outstanding features in the game is that you can join up to two other players on the same key. So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends to join the game to see who will survive in this game the longest. Let's find out how to play in each mode!

  • Player 1: Use the mouse to control the fish
  • Player 2: Use the WASD keys to control the fish
  • Player 3: Use the arrow keys to control the fish