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Merge Fruit

Introducing the game Merge Fruit

Merge Fruit is a game that helps you relax by the explosion of fruits. Combine the same fruits to create new fruits until they all reach the limit line.

The game was developed from an original Japanese game, which has been known to many people around the world since its release and it is still popular to this day. What makes the game so appealing? That's right, thanks to the game rules, it gives players an addictive feeling every time they match fruit. You will start grafting fruits with the smallest fruits, similar fruits will be grafted together and create new fruits. Just a slight collision between similar fruits will create shocking explosions and create a huge fruit. Continue grafting the fruit and create the largest fruit, a watermelon. How many watermelons will you create in one round of play?

Interesting features in the game

The outstanding feature of the game is the unlimited fruit matching time. You can freely combine fruits until the fruit reaches the line to fill the container. Don't rush to release fruit naturally, but find for yourself appropriate fruit grafting strategies to achieve the most optimal results.

Diverse and unique graphics are indispensable features to keep players staying longer. All the colors of the fruits are realistically depicted, and you can immediately recognize what kind of fruit it is.

An extremely fun feature in this game is the explosion sounds that occur after successfully combining fruits. These explosions do not startle or panic, but help you feel relaxed and motivated to continue grafting.


With easy-to-understand gameplay and outstanding features, Merge Fruit gives players an extremely new and attractive way to play games. If you are wondering what type of game to choose for entertainment, then join Merge Fruit right away, the game will definitely not disappoint you. In addition, you can refer to some other interesting games like Pick a Lock if you want to make new discoveries.