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Shell Shockers

Introducing the game Shell Shocks

Shell Shockers is an extremely exciting gunfight between chicken eggs. Pick up your gun and start hunting for other eggs to shoot them down immediately.

If you are bored with person-to-person gunfights in games such as Battleship Game, 1v1.LOL, then switch to egg-to-egg gunfights. The eggs in the game will become greater and stronger when they are equipped and trained to become eggs with top shooting capabilities. Start picking eggs and start playing the game now.

Exciting shooting arena

Entering the game you need to prepare a fighting spirit because when you start your hit you will have to face many other eggs in this shooting arena. Don't wait, move your egg, collect weapons, and start shooting. All eggs in this arena can attack you at any time, so be careful and attack immediately when facing other opponents. In the game arena, there are many different areas you can move to all locations to get familiar with the terrain of this arena. Finding a strategic position will help you aim and destroy your opponents quickly. Destroy all opponents in the game and you will win.

Collect weapons

One of the factors to win in this game cannot be mentioned is the advanced weapons provided in this game. There are many types of guns provided in the game such as pistols, crackshot, AK47, grenades, and several others. You can collect and exchange guns whenever you want. Depending on each type of gun, there will be different levels of damage. For example, with a handgun, you will have to shoot many times to defeat your opponent, but if you use an AK47, you only need one bullet to defeat your opponent. Each type of gun will also be provided with a different number of bullets, usually guns with high damage will be provided with fewer bullets so you need to aim more accurately so you don't have to reload multiple times. Using flexible guns is also a very good technique that you need to master in Shell Shocks.

Become special eggs

A special egg that attracts all eyes is carefully equipped from appearance to weapons. To get this special thing, you need to constantly upgrade your egg to the best. First is the upgrade in appearance. You can buy the egg some upgrades in terms of helmets, armor, glasses, and other creations. Next is the weapon, you can upgrade the egg with different types of guns to improve firepower and combat effectiveness. More specifically, you can give your egg special abilities, such as invisibility or explosive egg attacks.

Play Shell Shockers online

Shell Shocks game is one of the games that attracts a lot of players around the world and that makes it available on all available web browsers. Let's find out how Shell Shockers online will be controlled!

To control the egg, practice the following keys:

  • Use the WASD keys to move to the locations you want in the arena.
  • Click to shoot
  • Press E key to change weapons
  • Press the Q key to throw a grenade
  • Press R key to reload
  • Quickly click space to jump
  • Click the Shift key to aim more accurately