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Boat Driver

Introducing the game Boat Driver

Boat Driver is an extremely attractive multi-level boat driving game. Start your boat's throttle and participate in obstacle-filled races on the sea now!

Appearing in the game is a beautiful scene of a coastal city and you are the sailor who will drive a boat powered by an engine. Your task is to control the boat in the area separated by two buoy lines at sea. Drive your boat to the end of each level to win.

Boating skills

You need to practice your boating skills regularly to improve your reflexes and avoid obstacles. The most important thing in controlling a racing boat is how to control the speed. On straight roads, you can speed up and go at maximum speed, but if you go to curves you need to slow down to avoid collisions. Combine the elements of observation and speed smoothly to improve your sailing skills. The score in each race will prove whether your sailing skills have improved or not, try to get as high a score as possible.

Collect items and challenges on the track

On the racetrack, you will encounter extremely useful items for you such as shields and bonuses. Shields help protect you when you collide slightly with obstacles on the track. Bonuses will help you upgrade your racing boat, so don't miss out on valuable money bags at sea. In addition to useful items on the track, you need to pay attention to obstacles such as other boats blocking your way. These boats can appear anywhere on the track, but the most annoying will be appearing in the middle of the track. Appearing in the middle of the road will make it difficult for you to avoid and touch. But if you stay calm you will be able to overcome them.

Change racing boat

The game gives you 6 different racing boat options. You can buy these boats when you collect enough money. The lowest priced racing boat is $150 and the highest priced racing boat is $1,200. Each boat will bring you different experiences, especially the moving speed and great water splashing effects. If you want to own new, sportier racing cars, make a lot of money from the levels!

Conquer levels in Boat Driver

The game has a total of 20 levels for you to experience. As you advance to new levels, you will experience new racing paths with many new challenges. The race tracks will be longer, which means that when you collide with obstacles, it will take you more time to conquer those levels because you will have to play that level again from the beginning. Don't give up when you fail because you can participate multiple times on a level to earn more coins.

Boat Driver online

Joining Boat Driver online you can join the game anywhere. You just need to turn on your phone or computer or tablet and visit our Battleship Game website to play the game online. The game does not lag, instead you will find the game controlled very quickly. On the computer you can use the arrow keys or WASD keys to control the boat's movement. On the phone you can use your finger to slide on the screen to control the boat's movement. So when playing online games you will feel fascinated and extremely excited.