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Battleships Armada

Introducing the game Battleships Armada

Battleships Armada is an extremely attractive missile shooting game. Your task in the game is to find key locations to shoot down all the ships.

Choose game mode and practice

When you start playing you will be able to choose the game mode. Here there are 3 game modes for you to choose from, the first mode is easy, the second mode is medium and the last mode is hard. In easy mode, you can easily get acquainted with the game through basic matches with AI. Starting from medium mode will start to get a little more difficult. This mode is suitable for you to practice your playing strategies proficiently. The final mode is also the hardest mode where you will face top commanders. This is exactly a tense clash to find out who will be the best commander. This final mode is suitable for you to use the skills and experience you gained from previous levels. Try to focus and come up with reasonable strategies to win.

How to arrange warships?

After choosing the game mode, you will get acquainted with 5 different warships. Now you have to arrange these ships one by one on the available board. You can arrange the ships in any position you want. If you want the ship to be horizontal or vertical, just click twice to change direction. After choosing the position, click the green check mark on the corner of the screen to switch to another warship arrangement. If you don't want to sort manually, you can choose automatic sorting to start the game immediately.

How to arrange warships will also be an important strategy to help you gain an advantage. Board corners will be an advantage for placing ships. Alternatively, try placing warships in the same area or dividing them into multiple areas to see which will be a reasonable strategy for you.

Battleships Armada game rules

Unlike Battleship Game or TRZ Battleship, Battleships Armada has a completely new game rule. After you have arranged the position of the ship. You will have the right to shoot missiles on the opponent's board first. Each time you shoot, you will be able to shoot 3 missiles consecutively at any location you want. Then it's the opponent's turn, they will also be able to shoot 3 missiles at the same time. The two sides will shoot alternately until whichever team completely destroys the warship squadron, that team will lose. The game has clear, easy-to-understand rules. Even if you don't know the rules, after participating in the game a few times, you will understand the general rules of the game.

Conclusion of the game Battleships Armada

Joining the game Battleships Armada you will experience extremely intense battles with pleasant gameplay. You can find games in any web browser available on your computer or phone. The game will dispel your boredom as soon as you join this engaging game. Try to command your fleet to victory in all modes and all battles!