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Introducing the game Cubes

Cubes is a competitive game of snakes with numbers on their bodies that can be put together. Join the game and start the snake hunt now.

Rules for combining numbers to develop snakes

Starting the game you will start with a square with the number 2. Your task is to find squares with the same number 2 and larger than the number 2 to develop. When the numbers are the same on the same body, they will automatically pair together until no number on the body is the same. For example, number 2 combined with number 2 will become number 4, number 4 combined with number 4 will become number 8, and so on until the highest number. The highest number will be the snake's head, and the lowest number will be the snake's tail. Snakes with larger numbers will destroy snakes with smaller numbers. Once destroyed, the surviving snake will inherit everything the old snake left behind. So work hard on hunting to be able to grow quickly.

Collect useful support

The game gives players extremely useful support when appearing on the game map. First are the speed squares, when you collect these squares your speed will increase quickly. If you collect this square while being chased by your opponent, this support will be a savior for you. Or you can use this support to collect more squares. The next support is x2 squares. When you collect these squares, the number on your body will be multiplied by x2, this helps you become stronger and more confident. Besides useful support, you should also avoid harmful squares. These squares are squares divided by 2. If you are unlucky enough to collect this square, the number on your body will be halved.

Multiplayer game

Joining the game you will have to confront many different opponents, opening up for you an exciting and dramatic gaming environment. Chasing or competing to collect squares in the game helps you have extremely wonderful and fun experiences. Introduce your friends to join the game Cubes and also introduce to you the extremely attractive Fish Eat Getting Big game.