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Introducing the game Skydom

Welcome to the engaging puzzle game Skydom. Coming to the game, you will experience many new puzzle principles. Try to pass all levels to improve your skills.

The general rule of most jigsaw puzzles is to match three or more identical pictures to score points. For the game Skydom, this rule will still apply to the game and is supplemented by several other laws. You can match 3 or more identical pictures horizontally or vertically to score points, but depending on each level of play, you will be introduced to some special features. For example, 4 shapes put together will create a different shape. When you combine this shape with three, two, three, or more, you will destroy more blocks. In particular, the game will specify in each turn how many pictures you need to combine and destroy as required. Each level will have different innovations, try to read the instructions carefully to complete all levels well.

Features included in the game

Puzzle competition with friends

In the game you can play with other randomly suggested friends. During turns with friends, the game will make requests, you and a random friend will make the puzzle request, and whoever has the higher score will win.

Daily Challenge

You can participate in daily challenges when you unlock the first 10 levels. These challenges will help you gain more experience and new experiences. In particular, they will help you accumulate more coins.

Unlock the alchemist

To unlock alchemists, collect lots of coins. The alchemist will bring you many surprises, making the game more attractive. Furthermore, if you get the alchemist to a higher level you will receive significant support.