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Shooting Star Battleship

Introducing the game Shooting Star Battleship

Shooting Star Battleship is a war of flying ships in the air. Control the aircraft to move flexibly to destroy all systems and other aircraft in space.

The game takes you to a vibrant shooting space in a dark space in the universe. You will control a modern aircraft battleship equipped with advanced weapons. Control your plane into the battle zone and shoot down all the other warships. In addition to the warships attacking you, there are also bombs that can explode immediately when you collide. So try to shoot them all down and avoid as many collisions as possible so that your warship and aircraft can last longer. If you love battleship games you can join the game Battleships Armada.

Maintain your life to fight

To find out how much you can survive to continue fighting, please look at the corner of the screen. Each turn you will be given 250 lives to fight. There will be displayed the number of hearts to maintain the fighting ability of your aircraft battleship. The lower the number of hearts, the more you need to pay attention not to collide too many times.

Increase combat ability

During the game you will be provided with support so you can develop your fighting ability more strongly. Initially, your aircraft warship can only fire 1 bullet per shot, you can upgrade the number of bullets by shooting and collecting more ammunition boxes. The increased number of bullets will increase the aircraft's ability to attack and destroy warships. In addition, you can increase your life by collecting medical boxes. Constantly upgrade your aircraft warships to make them stronger and strong enough to destroy other dangerous warships.

How to play

Control the aircraft with WASD keys or arrow keys. To shoot opponents, press the spacebar. Try to move and collect coins.

Confront dangerous warships

The game is full of drama as you will have to confront dangerous warships moving at breakneck speed. These dangerous warships are often high-capacity warships. If you collide once, you will be blown up immediately. To destroy these battleships, you need a lot of ammo and the ability to move flexibly to confront them. Try to train your attack and movement abilities to upgrade your aircraft and destroy all, including the strongest opponents.