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Off Road Overdrive

About Off Road Overdrive

Off Road Overdrive is a game that challenges you to drive without overturning. Join the game and firmly hold the steering wheel to face dangerous roads.

Your goal in this game is to drive to the final destination in each map. Each game map will be divided into many different stages corresponding to different difficulties and challenges. At each stage you will have to control the car through uneven roads full of obstacles such as rope bridges and levers. When going through difficult terrain, you need to adjust your speed appropriately to avoid problems. Especially on the way, you need to collect gas tanks to recharge, so you can go all the way ahead.

Collect coins and diamonds

While driving, you will pass through roads with lots of coins and other rewards. Collect as many coins as you can and you will enjoy the following extremely interesting upgrades:

  • Unlock new play environments
  • Upgrade vehicle equipment
  • Unlock new car brands

In addition, you can collect coins by completing daily tasks and spinning the lucky wheel. All of these forms bring you quite a lot of coins, so explore them as soon as you play this game!

How to control

Click on the fuel tank icon on the screen to move forward. If you want to reverse the car, click on the brake icon on the game screen.