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Level Devil

About Level Devil

Level Devil is a fun adventure game. Coming to the game, you will have to be careful and overcome hidden traps. Try to stay calm to pass all levels.

The most prominent feature of the game is a series of unexpected traps designed within each map. If you have ever played puzzle games with increasing difficulty, in Level Devil, you will experience a journey of overcoming traps that progressively become more challenging with each map. The game won't keep you waiting for long, as you can grasp the trap placement rules right from the start of the first level. The traps won't have any signals or indicators. So how can you know which positions have traps? Well, to discover trap locations, you need to move forward and experiment. Through these experiments, you can gather and learn lessons and complete the gameplay levels easily. Many surprising and exciting traps are waiting for you to explore, so start the game now!

The journey to overcome traps is full of fun

To have a memorable journey and experience, the game developer has created many levels for you to conquer. Each level of play corresponds to different experiences and different pitfalls. The further you go, the more attractive and fun the game will become. You will see crazy traps moving, they will constantly transform into many different styles to trick your eyes and your movement.

If you find this game interesting and fun, please recommend this game to everyone, so that everyone can have a relaxing entertainment space filled with laughter. Try to conquer the final map of the journey to become the most experienced person in this game!

How to play

Use WAD keys or arrow keys to move the character.