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Fish Eat Fish

About Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish is an extremely attractive online game where big fish eat small fish. Fierce competition underwater will help your fish become stronger.

The rule of big fish eating small fish

In the game, each fish that is born will have numbers on it. These numbers may increase or decrease due to your hunting progress. If you eat other sea creatures and the fish have smaller numbers than the fish you control, it means your fish will increase in number quickly. The more you eat, the faster your fish will grow. Besides creatures that can help you increase your score, some creatures reduce your score. Be careful and stay away from the pursuit of these creatures. Note that when you are chased by creatures that reduce your score, run quickly and change direction continuously so they don't chase you anymore.

Compete to survive

In this environment, there are many other fish who have the same goal as you, which is to become the greatest fish, so fierce competition cannot be avoided. Especially small fish are always good prey for big fish. To escape this pursuit, use the fish's fast movement feature. Use this feature in emergencies to stay safe. Here we introduce to you a game similar to Fish Eat Getting Big, a game you can join with your friends.

Explore outstanding features

Joining the game, you will be immersed in the wonderful space of the sea, witnessing the wonderful development of the fish you control and the surrounding fish. Moreover, in the game, you will be free to choose your favorite child to start the game.

The game has vivid graphics and simple gameplay so the game is a great choice for everyone. In the game, you just need to use the mouse to move the fish.