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Dynamons 7

About Dynamons 7

Dynamons 7 is an interesting game for those who love taming Pokemon. Choose Pokemon that are capable of fighting throughout the adventure path.

Test match

Before officially entering the main matches, you will have a trial battle. The Pokemon you control is Una and your opponent is Gryphoenix, you will get acquainted with Una's skill cards. When the match starts, you will be suggested to use appropriate skill cards. When exporting these cards, it also gives your Pokemon spectacular attacks. You act as a commander for the Pokemon you own, so victory or defeat depends on your command.

Pokemon's skills

Each pokemon will have its own set of skills, especially when upgrading a pokemon you will also gain new skills. The skills of each pokemon are best shown in the cards. Every time you unlock a new skill card, you will also know what the card's main use is. For example, the sound wave card, when you use this card, your pokemon will emit a powerful sound wave to attack the opponent. When the opponent receives this attack, its energy will be significantly weakened. When your opponent's energy bar is about to run out, you can capture that pokemon. In the end, the winning pokemon will be the pokemon that still has energy.

Amazing adventure

The game has many great locations, these locations will take you to exciting new battles. In each location you will meet different pokemon commanders, the further you go you will meet experienced commanders who own powerful pokemon. So constantly upgrade pokemon and come up with many strategies to defeat other commanders. Adventures will bring you a lot of fighting experience and create the strongest pokemon team.

In the game, you can buy additional support items to increase the strength and durability of pokemon. You can use gold coins to buy these items. If you want to tame and recruit more pokemon, you need to buy a pokemon box.