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About Diggy

Diggy is an addictive digging game, the deeper you dig you will find valuable treasures. Explore the underground environment in the game now!

In the game you will control a cute character equipped with protective equipment and a drill. Your task is to use the mouse to control the character's drilling direction. Move the drill to locations with gems, gold, and diamonds to collect many coins. The character's direction will determine how much or how little coins he earns. During the digging process, you need to pay attention to the character's energy column. When the energy column is exhausted, the character can no longer dig. So please observe the energy bar to be able to navigate the character to the locations that collect the most gems so as not to waste energy.

Upgrade in Diggy

To be able to explore deeper underground mysteries, the game has provided players with the two most prominent upgrades: energy and drill. After each game, use the money you collect to upgrade the drill and energy bar. After the equipment is provided, you will be able to dig deeper into the soil and discover many valuable items at each level of the soil. The more you upgrade, the more you benefit and the more money you earn.