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Angry Birds Rio

About Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio is a game that trains aiming skills. Predict the shooting angles to hit the birds trapped in the iron cage and conquer all the levels.

In the game you will encounter extremely adorable images of angry birds, they are ready to rescue birds locked in cages. Your task now is to control the direction of the shot to shoot angry birds at the exact location where other birds are trapped. The first shot is critical because it will be a stepping stone for the next shots. You should note that each shot is limited, so aim accurately to free all the birds.

Crossbow shooting strategy

The game has many levels, each with a different arrangement, so you need to aim strategically to rescue the birds more easily. You can see that the higher the level, the cages are surrounded by crates or wooden bars. Now you need to shoot at points that can collapse the cascading structures, then the cages will fall and the birds will be free.

How to play

Use the mouse to aim at the direction of the shot. Once you have aimed at the direction of the shot, drag the mouse to perform the shooting action. How to play the game is quite simple, just a few clicks with the mouse and you will have wonderful moments of entertainment.

Beautiful graphics and sound

The game is designed with 2D graphics with bright and colorful tones, and features many different characters and environments that will surely appeal to players of all ages. The characters in Angry Birds Rio are designed in a cartoon style, full of personality and charm. The environment in the game is also well designed and detailed, including many different locations such as beaches, jungles, and cityscapes. Additionally, the game's sound effects are sharp and clear, and add a sense of realism and excitement to the gameplay. The game's music is also well done and has many catchy and upbeat tunes that will definitely keep players interested in playing.