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Among Us

About Among Us

Among Us is an extremely interesting deduction game for many players. Start the game and complete the mission well whether you are a crew member or an impostor.

The game revolves around the development of a spaceship, on the ship there are many players participating and your goal is to complete the mission to protect the safety of the ship. At the beginning of the game you will know your identity as a crew member or an impostor. If you are a crew member, you will perform essential tasks such as repairing power lines, redirecting electrical current, and a number of other tasks. If you are an impostor you will find ways to sabotage the missions assigned to the crew. The game will have many other impostors and other crew members need to find the right teammates to be able to combine and complete the tasks in the best way without suspicion.

If a murder occurs on the crew, everyone will be summoned and have a vote. Based on inference and judgment, find the real impostor to eliminate. Try to present arguments to escape guilt or justify your teammates. In this case, the person with the most votes will be removed from the ship.

Who will win?

The outcome of the game will be based on the number of survivors on the spaceship. If the crew members complete all assigned tasks, victory will belong to the crew members. The impostor will win when the number of impostors is equal to the number of crew members. In short, the winning team is the team that completes the mission or successfully eliminates the crew member.